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Hobbit Con?

So I was thinking about going, but then I found out that the ticket itself was on 99 EURO for a normal and 499 EURO for a golden one that gives you the opportunity to meet some of the actors, including Dean O’Gorman, Aidan Turner and Adam Brown. And then I saw that you could purchase photo opportunities and autographs.  Purchase!!! I mean, if I shall meet them, I won’t PAY for it like you do with animals in a zoo! Pay to see a movie, yes. Pay to get to take a picture with Dean O’Gorman? Hell to the no!

I’ve never liked the idea of having to pay to meet your heroes. It doesn’t seem fair, like you’re so desperate to meet them that you’ll do anything. And besides, maybe they’re already tired after taking pictures with all the others who also paid to see them

I’m sorry, I just had to share my frustration about that. But what about you? Are you willing to pay 499 EURO to meet ten of the Dwarves from the Hobbit?

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong guys, I mean that it is kinda bullshit to pay to see them. And I have done con’s before as well but I do not pay to meet people. That is just wrong to me!

  1. asheryve answered: Paying for Photo ops and Autographs at Ring Con has basically one thing in mind: To be able to pay the actors ultimately.
  2. iron-bullogna answered: Usually it is to limit the time they have to be there since it gets tiring and covers their expenses.
  3. klokateercatlady answered: I would so pay if I could but I live to far away
  4. aidan-turner-forever answered: That’s what, $131 for 3 days? So that’s $5 more than Comic Con International but without the endless hassles. Sounds like a great deal to me
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  7. notdoingmywork answered: I think they ask for payment to prevent the actors from getting too tired. Also it’s usually the agent asking for the price, not the actor
  8. serenitysweet13 answered: This is why I carry my teddy bear around Dragon*Con. NOBODY is enough of a dick to charge for a picture with a 25-year-old bear!
  9. buckmesidewayz answered: The money you pay to meet them is for 1) Their time 2) Their security guards 3) Accommodations for them. So I can see where it costs money.
  10. firebenderqueen answered: I’ve done cons before and if I have the money and it was close enough, yes I’d do it.
  11. riiroh answered: I always figured it’d be partially about limiting the amount of people getting a pic, so they don’t get stuck there forever?
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